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Rebecca Santry Art

Wild Pacific Trail 2

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This body of work was influenced by the natural formations and groups of textures living by the ocean, their relationship with the unpredictable movement of water, and the natural evolution of form as they morph throughout the seasons and as time passes. Rebecca wanted to capture the calming complexity of this environment on the page. 

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Water and light are the source of this work. Instead of painting the paper with coloured pigments I use a camera-less photography known as Cyanotype. I coat the paper, focusing on the weights and layouts of the brush strokes, wait for the paper to dry in a darkroom and then take it outside for exposure to the sun. During the exposure process I use the sun and water to paint with, carefully holding the paper and sun allowing the water to flow across the piece and capture an image that reflects these elements. Once exposed I then manipulate the images with perforations to bring depth and a greater sense of texture to the piece. The experience is contemplative and soothing, and the result is to create a piece that invokes these similar feelings in the viewer.

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